The Apple Toss

At time of writing, it’s not actually up quite yet, but soon will be up and ready to go. Down the left side, there’s a picture of a friend of mine tossing an apple. It’s completely white on the black background and looks something like the picture to the right, just with inverted luminance.

Now there’s no Photoshop trickery going on here, so how did I get that kind of image?  I used studio strobes and a white background, but this kind of image would be doable with something like a bright window for a background and light source.

For my shot, I set a strobe on either side of my background (a white reflector in this case) and blasted quite a bit of light onto it. The idea here is to get as much light onto it as you can and it doesn’t matter if you clip your highlights like crazy. It’ll end up as a two tone image in the end anyway.

For the silhouette, I had my good friend (and room mate actually) stand in front of the strobes to prevent light spill and keep him starkly silhouetted against the bright background. He is an expert apple chucker.

That was it for the shoot. For digital developing, I retouched the background some to keep it nice and even. Other than that, it was a case of severe dodge and burn and extreme contrast boosting.

I used Apple’s Aperture 3 exclusively for this shot, so again, no Photoshop trickery here.

I hope everyone enjoyed the read. Leave some feedback love and have a terrific day!


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