My shiny new Elinchrom lights have finally arrived. Well parts of them are shiny anyway. Other parts are a nice matte grey. They definitely smell like new electronics though. Turning them on the first time gave that nice hot-electronics smell you get when something is about to burn up. Not that I’m expecting these to burn up any time soon…

I’m definitely excited to get to use them and discover their idiosyncrasies. So far they look great. My initial impressions of the build quality, for which I always seem to be a stickler, are quite positive. I got the D-lite 2 it kit, so it came with the lights, stands, skyport ECO, two softboxes, and a standard reflector. I plan to post a full review after I’ve spent a little more time with them.

Don’t expect a lot as far as test shots, since for lights, the position and modifiers make more difference than the head and neither position nor modifiers relate to the quality of the head itself. I will of course be posting plenty of shots using them in the future though.


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