Why micro four thirds is alright for me

My wife and I both shoot with micro four thirds (mft) cameras for our photography business. Specifically lumix cameras, a gh3 and a g5, not that that detail necessarily means anything (and nothing against Olympus). They’re great really. The image quality is excellent, the size is nice, and they offer some great features.
Some might say that mft cameras don’t offer enough quality for professional use; but professionals around the world are using them to great effect. Really it’s just a trade off. Sure no current mft camera can match a hasselblad, but neither can a canon 5DIII. But a 5D is more than good enough for 90%of professional shooters. Likewise, many mft cameras are plenty for very many applications. I would probably rent a hassy for a big budget commercial shoot, but the current crop of mft cameras will comfortably print to 16×20. A certain nat geo photographer has done gorgeous 4′ prints with a gh3. I have personally very nice 16x20s with a 12mp Olympus pen mini.
The point is that there’s a quality trade off. The image quality from any crop sensored camera will be less than full frame or medium format, but with current technologies, it can be very good; certainly plenty for our purposes.
There are many extra benefits as well. A big advantage of mirror less systems and mft in particular is reduced size and weight of lenses and bodies. A 70-200 f2.8 equivalent in Lumix lenses is a fraction of the size and weight of its dslr counterpart but does the same job. Mirror less bodies can be made for whatever size and shape best suits the shooter’s needs. For us, it means the camera is less intimidating to the client. It also means its easier to get around weddings quicker.
Face detection helps to nail focus every time, electronic viewfinders give real time exposure and depth of field previews, etc. factoring in all those benefits plus more than adequate image quality and a general cost savings that we can pass to the client, and mft starts to make a lot of sense.
Why mft instead of other options? The lenses.


2 thoughts on “Why micro four thirds is alright for me

  1. I was thinking of maybe getting a small micro 4/3 camera as a travel personal camera (something like the Panasonic Lumix G5), and pairing it with a pancake prime lens(20mmish). I definitely want one with a viewfinder. What are your thoughts?

    • I think it would never cease to surprise you. My wife shoots with a g5 and it has never failed to deliver fantastic files. And no, that’s not an advertisement.

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