5D MKII thoughts

Last Sunday I shot an event (first day for harvest bible chapel hickory in their new location on the corner of highways 70 and 321). I had my GH3 ready to go, but I wound up shooting with their canon 5d2. Partially because the media and worship guy prefers the look and partially because of the 24-104 f4. I rather like that lens (can we have a 12-50 f4? Please Panasonic?). I haven’t really shot with a true DSLR for a while, so it was interesting to get back with a canon.
I’ve shot with canon quite a lot, so it was all easy to navigate. Everything was easy to use. One issue that gave me trouble was focus actually. I know the mk2 isn’t real own for at performance, but I missed some shots with it because it didn’t focus in time, and with good light no less.
The viewfinder was excellent. Plenty bright and definitely bigger than the GH3’s evf. I did miss the extra information that the GH3 gives though.
And now the big one…literally. The 5d is heavy! It was fine for the time I was shooting, but I definitely prefer a smaller camera. The GH3 is a goldilocks size for me: big enough for good ergonomics, small enough to be easy to manage. I find my wife’s G5 to be a little small for me most of the time.
Things from the 5d I would like for the GH3? The bigger viewfinder would be great. And again, a similar lens would be magnificent. We have the 12-50mm focal length range with the Olympus, but not with the constant f4 aperture. We really don’t have an equivalent in mft yet. Nikon has it and Canon, but not for us yet. Maybe someday.

There wasn’t really a point for this post. Just some musings.


One thought on “5D MKII thoughts

  1. Well, we now have something even better, the m43 12-40mm f2.8 (constant) Pro lens from Olympus. Mission accomplished. (You might have to switch to the E-M1 to get IBIS.)

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