Reflections on a semester of graduate schooling

I haven’t gotten to blog in a while. Mostly because I’ve been crazy busy with grad school. It’s been…um…interesting.

First, I don’t think I jumped into anything I didn’t understand or made a poor decision to attempt to invest in more education. It certainly hasn’t been what I expected though.

When I think of graduate schooling (and in this case, it has been for graphic design), I think of super intense classes that dig in deep into the topic and explore the nuances of philosophy and technique associated with the field of study. I expect to be mentally challenged and pushed to my intellectual limits. Such has not been the case.

I know some schools will be better or worse. I chose to go where I have been going because it is a reputable state school, is fairly affordable, and one of my favorite professors from my undergraduate studies went there. All fairly good reasons in my mind, and I still think it should be offering more than it is. So far, however, it’s been, if anything, less learning intensive than my undergrad courses at Gardner-Webb. More writing maybe, more random stuff, but not nearly what I would expect from graduate level courses.

All that to say that, unless things drastically change, I’m out after this semester. I don’t think I’m benefiting any more than I would be just digging in and building my photographic portfolio and growing B&G photography. As things are now though, I don’t have the time to grow the photography; I feel that it’s really putting me behind in that respect. That frustrates me greatly.

I’m not saying grad studies are a waste of time or that I feel like I’ve wasted my time trying. Mostly just an anecdote to help if you’re considering going that rout and personal reflection for myself. Cheers.


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