Canon 6D

Recently I had the chance to shoot with a Canon 6D. Primarily video, but it was still a good chance to get my hands on a camera I strongly considered before deciding on my GH3. I love pretty much everything about my GH3; it is a photo/video machine which simply gets out of the way and let’s me shoot. Brilliant. All of the little technological wonders Panasonic packs into it are exceedingly helpful too (seriously, pop it into face detection AF on a portrait shot and worry not).
Anyway, the 6D. The 6D is nice and compact for a DSLR, particularly a 24×36 format one. It didn’t feel nearly as gargantuan as the 5D, so it was much more comfortable me and balanced well with the 24-105. Most everything is payed out sensibly (to me anyway. I’ve shot mostly Canon in DSLR land.). I did have to dig into the menus to find the custom white balance set. I think I’m spoiled with custom white balance being so easy and immediate on my GH3…
One thing the 6D definitely, and predictably, did better than my GH3 was shooting at high ISO. I think I had it at 3200, which isn’t terribly high, but I’d be seeing grain with my GH3. The 6D did well. Still some noise, but nothing significant. Having solid noise performance made shooting at f4 more realistic. I’ll probably be shooting in the same conditions soon with my GH3, but with the 12-35. The comparison should be interesting. Btw, more thoughts on the 12-35 soon. New toy.


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