Why Fuji Should Not Go Full Frame

As you will know if you, dear reader, frequent my blog, I shoot primarily with micro four thirds. That being said, the Fuji x system has long tempted me as an eventual step up system when I need to focus on extreme image quality instead of compactness, agility, focus speed, et al that mft gives me. The intentionality Fuji has with the system is very encouraging too.
All the hype on the rumor sites is for the eventual x-pro 2 (which might put the x-pro 1 into my budget) and hopes of a full frame sensor. While that sounds good on the surface, there are very good reasons why I think Fuji should stick with APS-C chips.
Lenses: Fuji has a killer lens lineup going. It seems like every lens they launch for the x system receives high praise. The size of the lenses are all quite respectable and work well on the x bodies. The usability and balance of the combos is quite good (limited but positive personal experience on the handling). The moment Fuji decides to go full frame x, all those magnificent lenses are now practically useless. I’m sure something like a crop mode is possible, but one still practically has to invest in a new lens library…so does Fuji with R&D for a whole new lens portfolio.
Handling: Full frame lenses have to be bigger. While a full frame sensor could probably fit into a current x sized body, the lenses would be disproportionately large and compromise handling, compactness, and transparency (it would look like just another big, bulky Canikon) all features for which the x system is highly regarded. Going bigger would inevitably compromise many of these features, unless Fuji decided to make smaller lenses with much slower apertures. But then fast primes are the x system staples.
Diminishing Returns: Sure a full frame x-trans sensor could produce better IQ thanks to physics and optics. But the files from current APS-C x-trans sensors is already stellar, rivaling many full frame DSLRs in many ways. Personally, I think Fuji has a fantastic balance of size, handling, and IQ. Sure a bigger sensor could do more, but is it really necessary? Is it worth sacrificing so many other aspects which make the x cameras such good cameras and really contribute more to the photographic process than outright image quality and lines per millimeter measurements? I would question the value. Not to make it about Leica (Fuji might very well be sick of the comparisons by now), but Leica dared to do something different with the m. When everyone else had to have medium format, Leica went smaller and owned it with great IQ and a much more manageable camera. Now, everyone seems convinced that if one is not shooting full frame, it’s not at all good enough. It’s ridiculous.
Personally, I sincerely hope that Fuji doesn’t go full frame on us. I don’t think it’s smart. I don’t think it fits with the entire thinking behind the x system. It may be right for Sony, but I don’t think it’s right for Fuji or Fuji shooters.


5 thoughts on “Why Fuji Should Not Go Full Frame

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  2. I don’t get posts like yours….since when is choice a bad thing??? I love my XPro1 but if Fuji offered fullframe I would buy it in a heartbeat. You don’t like the size associated with fullframe, then fine buy one of their APS-C options.

    • I suspect Fuji aren’t a big enough company to develop, launch, support and manage two ranges of top end cameras and lenses. It’s an undertaking that would take a considerable human and financial resource. Do one thing well, not two things adequately

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